In 25 years of building, Blackhawk Construction has created all shapes, sizes and applications of homes, buildings, and land development. In that time, we have utilized a full range of construction methods and areas of expertise to build your vision. Our company is committed to maintain or exceed standards that are demanded by the best companies in the construction field. 



​Our Approach 

When we work with you, we roll up our sleeves and become your partner. Our success is measured by the success of your construction project. That's why we invest whatever resources are needed to get and keep your project on the right track.

​Each project is unique. Our main objective is to provide you, our client, a thorough analysis of your project and to select the most cost-effective solution for you. We dedicate all our resources to earn your confidence in us. We understand the goals and concepts of completing a project on time and under budget. These areas are an important part of our construction business and one we take very seriously. That's what we deliver to you.

Depending on your construction needs, we will perform any or all of the following:                            

  • Thorough analysis of your construction or renovation project strengths and weaknesses
  • Competitive cost analysis of project
  • Recognize the balance between the costs of construction and the immediate and long-term paybacks, and  create a cost and benefit analysis that will aid in the sustainable goal-setting process for your project​

Our goal is to encourage a team atmosphere with the owner, project stakeholders, designers, subcontractors, and suppliers to achieve an on-time quality project.​